Meet Our Donors

We a pleased to share some of the experiences of our donors. Please let us know if you would to tell us your story.

Mrs. Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor's son, Allen, was diagnosed with Cancer, contracted from Agent Orange from his service in the Vietnam War, in 2005. Her son was taken to Sacred Heart Free Home for Incurable Cancer. At this time, her husband was diagnosed and passed away from dementia and her daughter suffered a fatal heart attack. She was in her mid-80's when all of these tragic events occurred. These were the most difficult moments of Mary's life, but through it all the Sisters of the Incarnation Church stood by her as friends and prayed with her. When her son lost his battle with Cancer, the sisters showed her love, comfort, and support. A mother never expects to bury her children. With the Sisters and the Catholic Church, Mary was able to rely on God's plan and survive the darkest days of her life.

The genuine kindness shown to her in the wake of her son, daughter, and husband's deaths by the Sisters of the Incarnation Church inspired her to make a planned gift to the Catholic Charities Appeal. Mary wanted others to be able to receive the kindness and support that she received from the Catholic Church and its agencies. She left her home to the Catholic Charities Appeal in the hope that others who have sick loved ones would benefit from the same friendship, care, and prayer that helped her through her difficult times.

Anonymous Donor

I am thankful for, what I consider to be a "real Catholic experience." Both my wife and I received a free Catholic education through high school, which laid the foundation for our charitable giving. As practicing Catholics and stewards, we wanted to show our gratitude to our Catholic community, especially to the priests who enabled us to have a great Catholic education, by making a planned gift to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. This thankfulness to the priests that made such an impact in our lives inspired us to make a gift to support the future leaders of our Catholic Faith.

A life insurance gift was the best way for us to maximize our planned gift and was the best way for us to help the Archdiocese of Philadelphia continue its mission to spread compassion and spirituality, and promote the common good long after we are no longer here. Through careful planning, we were able to make a larger gift than we would otherwise presently be able to make. We had first-hand experience of the love and compassion the Catholic community of Philadelphia provides, and with this planned gift, we hope to allow the same charitable deeds to continue to impact the lives of others well into the future.