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The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

(Philadelphia, July 1, 2014) – The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia (CFGP) announces their one-year anniversary today. After launching on July 1, 2013, CFGP has successfully created over 20 funds, partnered with 12 programs and organizations and has seen over $5 million donated.

“Starting a new organization is challenging, exciting and rewarding. We have accomplished a great deal, and have partnered with donors and organizations to help them meet their charitable goals. Our donors have funded terrific projects to help homeless veterans, seminarians, food pantries, and many other wonderful causes. I am truly thrilled with the progress of the Foundation, but also know that our work has just begun. The need is great, but the Charity and love for our neighbors is greater. Each of us plays a vital role to living out our faith through Charity,” said Shannon Jordan, Executive Director of The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia.

In addition, CFGP’s Mission Advancement Services has been working with various entities and organizations, providing development services and strategic counseling to assure the sustainability of the charitable organizations that serve our community.

“The special Appeal organized by The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia was a blessing to the
Community Food Program of Nutritional Development Services. The results of the Appeal exceeded our
expectations, enabling us to increase our capacity to serve the hungry in our community. The staff of The
Catholic Foundation initiated this effort and guided the process. We look forward to an on-going relationship with the Foundation,” said Lorraine Knight, Director of Nutritional Development Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

CFGP serves the community and is dedicated to helping both individuals and nonprofit organizations achieve their charitable goals. CFGP is helping to change the fundraising landscape in the Greater Philadelphia area by giving control to the donors. Philanthropy with CFGP is about creating connections and giving supporters the professional focus they need to do the greatest good. Organizations, programs, schools, and parishes can all benefit from this change and become stronger in the long-term.

About The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia

The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia provides donors with sources to fulfill their charitable goals by supporting the projects, programs and organizations that they care about most. We are committed to the principles of transparency, accountability, operational effectiveness, and clarity of purpose. The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia is a nonprofit organization that was established to ensure long-term stability, guidance, and assistance for nonprofit and charitable organizations.

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