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It is in giving that we receive.

You Make All the Difference

The gift that expects nothing back yields the greatest return of all. Plus, it often does the greatest good. Your generosity feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, and cares for the sick. Discover the many ways that your generosity will work hardest for you.

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Love your neighbor. It’s that simple.

Helping the Community

Giving through The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia allows your love to impact others regardless of their faith. Your generosity helps make your community a better place to live, to learn, to raise a family. 

How our Funds help communities

Types of Giving Funds

The Father Vincent Capodanno Vietnam Chapel Fund

This fund supports the building of a memorial chapel in Que Chua, Vietnam in honor of US Navy Chaplain, Lt. Vincent Capodanno, who sacrificed his life giving last rites to wounded Marines in 1967. The village church was destroyed in that battle and there has been no worship site available since.

The Christine Kaczmar-Russo Memorial Fund

Contributions to this Memorial Fund help continue Christine Kaczmar-Russo’s legacy of supporting international students attending St. Joseph’s University. This was her passion as she traveled extensively helping to create international programs and connections for the University.

John and Harriet Stanton Pro-Life Union Leadership Fund

In a commitment to the sanctity of life, The John and Harriet Stanton Pro-Life Union Leadership Fund fosters a cohesive vision and strategy for a Culture of Life across Greater Philadelphia.

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Philanthropy—show your Love of Humanity.

We Make Giving Possible

As with Philadelphia, the word philanthropy is rooted in love. We are called to love everyone. Charitable giving — philanthropy — is a time-honored way to express that love. The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia helps you give your generosity the professional focus it needs to do the greatest good, to show the greatest love.

Our role is creating connections